How it Works

Want a stall with Melbourne Farmers Markets?

At Melbourne Farmers' Markets we're all about farmers and food producers who use local produce. If you're a reseller or wholesaler you need not apply to our markets.

We are always keen to hear from new stallholders from all walks of life; metropolitan growers and makers and especially remote regional and farm based producers. If our existing markets are full for certain produce types, applications will go onto a waiting list for the next available opportunity.                                                

Please don’t make your plans until you have spoken to us about vacancies or new markets starting.

If you are in the initial stages of interest, please call us to discuss your ideas.  We have a lot of experience and can advise and inform you regarding your plans 



We take a serious view of professionalism and accountability within our industry, and carefully consider all aspects of our markets, for stallholders, customers, the industry and in relation to the local retail environment.

If you would like to apply to have a stall at one of our markets you'll need to be accredited with the Victorian Farmers Markets Association (VFMA). Visit the accreditation page on the VFMA website for more information.

You can also select the relevant application forms to complete and return to the VFMA office:



Farmers’ markets are fabulous places – full of community spirit, great atmosphere and amazing food.  Of course, they’re also bustling with customers and an excellent environment in which to test new products and expand your customer base. 

If you are curious about how to become a stallholder at our markets, please make you sure meet our MFM stallholder criteria before making further enquiries. 

There are also a few things to consider from a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective… 

Have you thought through the reality of selling at farmers’ markets?

We run our markets year round, rain, hail or shine. Early morning starts are usual and regional stallholders may have a very early morning start when accounting for travel time. Most markets require arrival for set up no later than 7:30am. 

You are required to supply your stall equipment & set up which is typically a 3x3m marquee (remember, whatever the weather!) and all necessary stands and tables that you wish to use to display your products. A stall at a farmers’ market is a low cost retail space so please consider how your stall & product display will best appeal to new customers. 

Shoppers love to take the opportunity to speak directly with farmers & producers so you may be asked the same questions over and over again, and despite lack of sleep & an early morning start, people will respond better to a smile than a frown. 

How does your product fit within the overall market?
The importance of getting the right mix of stallholders at a market cannot be underestimated. Primary produce is essential, and the market manager will have a sense of how many stalls selling similar produce can be supported in a given area and market. Artisan/ value-added products are assessed quite closely, as suggested by our stallholder criteria.
As you would expect, products not commonly found in the markets (for instance quinces, capers, passionfruit etc) are easier to find stall space for, while those that are prevalent (olives/ oil, pork, cheese, bread etc) are harder to place. Having too many products of a similar nature diminishes the sales opportunity for everyone.   

What do you have in mind for the evolution of your business? Will you sell in other ways – online, through retailers, at a farmgate, to box schemes etc?

It’s a good idea to think about this from the outset. Farmers’ market audiences can be fickle, affected by weather, sports events, holiday periods and more. As a result, market income can also vary greatly. Will you rely solely on this avenue of sales, and if so, for how long? Consider if the ‘novelty factor’ might apply to your product – if so, how will you combat this in due course? Have you considered selling through a retailer in the market vicinity?

Will your customers be able to order in advance? Are cash sales the only form of payment you will accept? 

Most market shoppers will limit their spending to a certain amount, especially when using cash. Offering EFTPOS can assist with this, as can offering a pre-ordering system. We also offer a 'cash-out' facility at some of our markets.

New to the industry & need advice?

If you are starting from scratch in the farmers’ market industry, or wanting to upgrade existing equipment or simply need some advice please contact the MFM office and we will endeavour to assist you with advice, information or contacts. 


If you think your business & our farmers’ markets will make a great partnership, we are very excited to hear from you! 
Again, please ensure you have read through the MFM stallholder criteria before completing the online application form. 



Finally if you are accredited with the VFMA and meet our criteria, you are welcome to apply for a stall at our markets.


If you have any enquiries regarding our application form or process, please email us