Stallholder Application Form

Our markets are accredited with the VFMA and we work closely with the Association and other member markets to make sure that regional markets are supported. Accredited farmers and regional producers are our priority.

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Section 1: Business Information
Promotional Information:
Section 2: Accreditation & Produce/Products
Victorian Farmers' Markets Association Information
Please list Produce/Products:
Please list the items that you propose to bring to the market/s. Be Specific i.e. carrots, cabbage, beetroot – not just 'vegetables'. Pear & Hazelnut muffins, cumquat jam- not just 'muffins & jam'.
Section 3: Speciality Makers
*If you only sell primary produce, please skip SECTION 3. *If you or anyone adds a process to your raw ingredient, you are also a specialty maker and this section must be completed.
This is for all specialty makers that bring a product that has been processed (i.e not raw produce) including farm based producers who sell products made from their own raw ingredients. Please note: specialty makers are eligible for our markets, on the basis that your product/s highlight Victorian ingredients and you source as much as possible direct from the grower/producer. Your product needs to be handmade by you/your business and any employee who attends the market must be directly involved in the production of the goods you sell.
Where do you source the other ingredients?
Please list in the appropriate categories who & where you source your other ingredients from:
If you do not make all the products you sell, please specify:
Section 4: Market Dates & Details
Regional Market Presence
We believe it is vital that producers who attend Melbourne markets continue to support their local community and genuine farmers’ markets.
Organic/Bio Dynamic Certification
Please note that if you are not certified organic, terms such as ‘organically grown’, ‘chemical free’ etc may not be used.
It is your responsibility to ensure your public liability insurance remains current at all times. Please advise us if you change insurer or policy details.
Access to power is extremely limited at all markets and can only be provided to meet health regulations or if absolutely necessary.
Stall Set Up
MFM in a nutshell
• Food you have grown, made, caught, fished and/or baked yourself • Your stall staffed by yourself or people genuinely involved in the above production • Continuing presence at regional community/accredited farmers’ markets you attend • Minimal packaging and clear labelling • Your prices clearly shown at a glace • VFMA accredited members • No plastic bags unless to comply with health regulations • Cheerful, supportive, communicative attitude • Active promotion of accredited farmers’ markets • Great sales, supportive management, strong friendships, valued customers.
If accepted, I will support Melbourne Farmers’ Market and will comply with the conditions of the market management and VFMA accreditation. A trial period of 3 months is understood and MFM reserves the right to not extend this agreement if I do not meet the standard or conduct expected. The information I have provided is current and I will advise management of any changes to my business, current market commitments or if I want to apply to add to my list of produce/product. Your acceptance is on our consideration of existing stallholders and seasonality. We make every effort to get the market balance right, but if this is imbalanced by adding new stallholders, we operate on a last on - first off basis.